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The Team

Jeremy Wood

Jeremy has a successful track record in the Kansas City entertainment scene. For six years, he was one of the pioneers of sports talk radio in Kansas City, and was widely known for his witty sense of humor and spot on vocal celebrity impressions and dialects. Since then, he started Cinematic Visions, and began a career in start-to-finish, video and multi-media production. Cinematic Visions has won national and local recognition for its work and produces

Just Down the Road - seen in nearly 20 million households across the country.

Just Down the Road TV Show
Diane Robertson

Diane Robertson is a classically trained coloratura, lyric soprano and actress. She has found great success in the American theatre and television business, as well as internationally as a vocalist. Her experience in musical theatre and opera guided her into becoming a founding member of the faith based theatre company, "Sonlight Productions." Diane has participated in mission trips to Russia and Africa, and has sung the American National Anthem in many professional venues. She continues to share her passions with appreciative audiences all around the world.

Just Down the Road TV Show

Reuben Samuels


Reuben is a producer, camera operator, graphic designer and photographer for the show.  He's also a ninja.

Jessie Chipchase


Jessie runs the camera and sound for us.  She wants to be the next J.J. Abrams - hope she doesn't forget us!

Just Down the Road TV Show
Just Down the Road TV Show

Chardé Stephenson


Chardé also runs camera and sound for us. She's small and mighty - though unable to win any stare down contests.

Just Down the Road TV Show

Hannah Cowen


Hannah is taking on some of the producer roles for us. She's smart, quick and has the coolest hair on the set by far.

Just Down the Road TV Show

Jordan Martin


Jordan runs the camera and sound for us.  He's a technical guru, and knows more things about nothing than anyone alive.

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